Who We Are

Solar, Infotech & Tasknibbler Nigeria Ltd. (RC1346783) is a subsidiary of Speaking IT Canada. Our focus is on Solar Power Generation, Healthcare Infotech and Job Creation & Empowerment Solutions. We are currently working on multi-year Healthcare IT and Solar Power projects in partnership with a number of state governments in Nigeria, including Kebbi State, Lagos State, Cross River State, Niger State, Delta State, and FCT Abuja.



What greatly inspires us is our passion for solar power and the knowledge that we are helping to make a big difference in the life of the average Nigerian.



To improve the quality of life throughout Nigeria and the rest of the sub-Saharan Africa and promote sustainable development through adequate training and manpower development geared towards the customization of solar energy solutions to meet individual, corporate, and state goals.



Africa's foremost organization offering renewable energy education for a more sustainable future, with the sole aim of constantly creating diverse opportunities in the integration of solar energy in Nigeria—and Africa at large.  


Our Areas of Interest

Energy | Healthcare IT | Education


We are currently involved in the following projects; which will help create additional opportunities for our graduates.


  • Energy
    • 200 MW Solar Power Parks
    • Waste to Energy Power Systems


  • Healthcare IT
    • National Healthcare System Implementation
    • Personal Health Record Services (PHRS)


  • Education
    • Specialized Training in Solar Energy
    • Specialized Training in PHRS system